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Dynamic Duo

  • We are a mother and daughter team who have decided to work together and create art.    For many years I have worked with my own  mother Doris E. Jones Founder of "Artist in the Park" in Roxbury's Monroe Park as named by the neighborhood (Horacio Park).  My mother introduced the arts to each generation of our family and for that we all thank her.   I have always had an interest but it was until I had a medical emergency that turned my life around and set me on a new path with Gods direction.   A new passion for art and jewelry making has awake in me and some nights I don't even sleep because of the ideas that flow through my head.     My eyesight is not the best at this time and my daughter has begun to assist me with my projects the fine designs to completion.
  • Jewelry                                                                                                                                                                                         I buy my parts and put together in asymmetric style earrings pierced and clip-on using crystals, stones and metal findings, I design necklaces for women and men along with bracelets.  I also invest in making jewelry for children.   Together we are the Dynamic Duo.
  • Collages                                                                                                                                                                                    I use a variety of mediums to create the different collages.   I use fabric that represent the culture of the people in the picture.  I use different paper grade of paper,  wire,  jewelry,  puff paints, paint.